13 Sep 2016
Average landlord rents increased 5.2% in a year reaching average of £846 in England and Wales, says estate agents Your Move.
10 Aug 2016
Brexit, what Brexit? The property market defied the uncertainty of the EU referendum result - for now - new data reveals.
25 Jul 2016
Britain has always been a top destination of cross-border capital, predominantly the office and high-end residential properties in London. These properties in particular have attracted a high level of ...
15 Jun 2016
Say what you like about the EU referendum - but Brexit isn't going to hit UK house prices. In the run-up to next Thursday’s referendum, there have been some flabbergasting claims made by both si ...
17 May 2016
Demand for homes has dropped for the first time in a year, but the chronic lack of supply will continue to push prices sky high, according to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.
15 Apr 2016
New stamp duty tax on second homes in the UK won’t deter overseas buyers who recognise that buying London property is a solid, long term investment
18 Mar 2016
Time to give up the day job? If you live in some of these locations, that might just be a possibility because your home is earning more than you. Three Rivers, Harrow and Greenwich are the three locat ...
02 Feb 2016
Heathrow's pods need tracks - but the new cars will be "fully autonomous" (Source: TRL) Forget Google and its Californian experiments - driverless cars are about to come a lot closer to home, after a ...